The Next Stop

  So recently I graduated from university and secured a job, so I guess now I am part of what people call "the real world"... so far all that I have been able to think about since graduation is where to go next. Although I am a bit sad that I now can't study abroad so my travels will be somewhat limited as far as duration. Nonetheless I need to travel asap!
  Mostly I have been considering returning to places that I have already been to. Mostly for the facts that I miss those places a lot, mostly Spain. Also, now I will be traveling with my girlfriend, Isabel. I have probably annoyed her from the beginning of our relationship with all my stories of my travels. She has not been to Europe so I really want to share what I have experienced with her.
  One of the places on top of my list is Sevilla, Spain. I have gone there the past two summer to study spanish. Sevilla is a wonderful city full of beautiful places and people. It is quite possibly my favorite city that I have ever visited. I love the language and culture. Summer in Sevilla is something special. There is nothing else like it. I was lucky enough to spend a month each summer in Sevilla. I got to see all the beautiful cites of the city and meet some wonderful people. There is nothing quite like walking through the center of the city with all the great architecture of the old buildings while the birds sing there songs and the people in the streets talk amongst themselves.
The Cathedral of Sevilla, an example of Sevilla's architecture.
  Another thing that keeps me wanting to return to Spain is the food! I would start off every morning with a jamon serrano and olive oil sandwich with freshly squeezed orange juice from Cafe Bar Sur.
My half eaten breakfast! 
  It is a wonderful little local cafe right in the center of the city near Plaza Nueva. For dinner with a view I would always love to go to a place called Metropol Parasol, or also know as Las Setas. From the top of this unique structure there are amazing views of the city from above. There is a small bar on top with some good food. It is well worth a visit.
Las Setas from bellow.
The view of the city from the top of Las Setas.
  While touring the city I also made an adventurous decision to try caracoles, or snails. The best place to try this delicacy is in Triana. Bars all over Triana have signs that will let you know that they serve caracoles. Although I was not a fan of the texture, I must admit that they tasted pretty good! Last but not least you must go to Cien Montaditos. I mentioned it in both my Miami and DC post so definitely read those to learn more about this awesome restaurant!
One of the numerous bridges connecting Triana to Sevilla.
  So with my little tangent on Sevilla done it is now your turn to give me some ideas of where I should go next! Where have you been or have wanted to go that would be a good idea for my next stop?
  Also, how would you guys like for me to talk more about my past travels?  I have a ton of stories to share!