About Me

     So here's a little about myself. My name is John, I study Mechanical Engineering. My passions are playing soccer, traveling, and surfing. I am a very avid traveler and am quite well traveled for someone my age. I took my first trip before I was a year old. My family would always go on trips to Orlando, Florida and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Besides this we would always visit other cities nearby and go camping when I was young. Although one summer we packed our bags and took a trip across the country. We spent the whole summer traveling and got to see some amazing places and made some amazing memories.
     My first adventure by myself would come in my sophomore year of college. I decided to spend a semester studying abroad in London, England. This remains to be one of the best times of my life. After my semester I went to Sevilla, Spain to study Spanish during the summer. In total I had spent roughly 8 months in Europe studying and traveling. I was able to visit 8 different countries and seeing cities such as Paris, Rome, Munich, Barcelona. This experience has made me a travel addict. The past summer I returned to Sevilla to spend the summer studying Spanish again. I also had the privilege to travel to Africa for the first time. I spent a weekend in Morocco, and it has only fueled my desire to go back and explore more!

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